Duisa was set up in 1999, focusing its activity on the development of new products in the emergency lighting and signage sector.

The company's unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, has allowed it to contribute competitive technical solutions to the increasingly demanding marketof people's safety.

From the start, Duisa has pre-eminently aimed at the export market, having the means necessary to adapt to different marketsand requirements. The company currently distributes a variety of products worldwide.


Duisa's product development is characterised by the fulfilment of a series of premises:

-Cost savings in installation and electricity consumption: Use of "Cold Technology ".
-Uses a quick-fit system with a tie plate for easy installation, without any tools.
-A Capacity Impedance charging system (Cold Technology) is used, which allows the power factor of the whole installation to be improved, with the corresponding savings in electrical energy costs.
-Durability, long life: Manufactured using top quality materials.
-Plastic material "Polycarbonate" (halogen-free), suitable for compliance with the new European Regulation EN-60598-2-22, which specifies the satisfaction of the glow wire test at 850ºC.
-Top brand LED Luminaires and fluorescent lights with guaranteed long-life. High temperature Ni-Cd rechargeable batteries.
-Power supply and battery charge indicator, using ultrabright LED.
-Attention to aesthetics: Wide range of models and accessories.
-Surface, Recessed or Flush mounting in ceiling or wall. Decorative frames with different finishings.
-Waterproofing for the ECO Series Smaller sizes to adapt to all environments.
-Care for the Environment: Developed and manufactured using EcoDesign criteria.
-Halogen-free printed circuit. Lower weight due to the absence of an input transformer. Lower consumption and automatic power factor correction due to its cold technology.

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