Designing BMS

  The BMS-system is fully automatic and allows solving the tasks of maintaining continuity of power supply, water supply, air conditioning of the building, control of the fire-extinguishing system and telecommunications systems, access control systems and video surveillance.


  If you decide to implement BMS at existing enterprise or work to create a new perspective facility, our highly qualified specialists are ready to provide you with design and consulting services, from the creation of the technical assignment to the completion of the project.


Advantages of BMS


Reliability - the risk of unexpected breakdowns is significantly reduced by the reduction of the human factor;

Efficiency - BMS optimizes the operation of engineering systems, thereby increasing efficiency and lowering the PUE data center;

Saving - optimization of the engineering equipment operation allows to significantly save the used resources;

Comfort - BMS provides convenience not only to the owners of the building (in terms of management), but also to end users (in terms of use). The functionality of intelligent buildings is much richer than in buildings that are not equipped with this system;

Efficiency - by controlling a number of elements of technological systems and processing information received from various sensors, the BMS system allows to react promptly to any emergency situation.


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