Lighting design

        Light affects a person, both emotionally and physiologically, and Illiterate lighting can harm health: fatigue, reduced productivity, etc. Therefore, professional lighting design- is not an excess, it’s a necessity.
Our company provides a number of works on the design of lighting facades of buildings and structures (designing outdoor lighting), industrial, office buildings, restaurants, boutiques, as well as for private interiors.
Our employees participate in the development indoor and outdoor lighting scenes, using the following programs: DIALux, Autocad, 3DMax.
When designing lighting, the following aspects should be considered:
        - Standards of hygiene lighting;
        - Dimensions of the room;
        - Reflection coefficient of walls; 
        - Coefficient of reflection of the ceiling and other working surfaces.
When performing the appropriate calculations, the process of designing artificial lighting allows us to solve a number of complex problems, such as:
        - Necessary type of lamp;
        - Number of light sources;
        - Layout of lamps; 
        - Type of light flux of lamps;
        - Type of lights used.
There are a number of stages of work on the project of lighting design, the main of which are: 
        - Development of the project concept;
        - Preparation of project documentation;
        - Coordination of the project with the customer;
        - Drawing up a detailed project implementation scheme
        - Direct implementation of the project.
In cooperation with our company, you get quality and cost-effective solutions in the field of lighting design one or the other object. Using economical and durable materials, working with professionally trained employees, we will help you not only reduce the costs for a particular project, but also to ensure long and high-quality work of the selected equipment, without repair and replacement.

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