One of the most powerful and flexible lighting control system in the world LUTRON, world leader, world leader in integration and lighting control systems, provides an easy convenient control of all household lighting system, and also allows you to control mechanized roll and rail curtains and many other systems in the house.

The LUTRON system offers a number of advantages:

•    Increased safety;
•    Flexibility of installation and management;
•    Additional comfort;
•    Improved harmony with the interior;
•    Energy saving.

   LUTRON system seamlessly integrates into home security systems. When the alarm is triggered, internal lighting is activated, indicating an emergency exit, while the outdoor lamps are blinking, immediately attracting attention.

   LUTRON systems meet modern requirements for flexibility and scalability of the installation. There are solutions for buildings of any size. After installation, the keypads can easily be reconfigured to accommodate new lighting control requirements. Lighting control in the house is possible with any LUTRON keypad.

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