Osram is one of the world's two leading manufacturers of lamps in over a century of history.

   The company occupies a leading position on the range of lighting products. Osram produces LED lamps, for example, Led filament lamps, special LED lamps for home, as well as LED tubes. Availability of a wide range of halogen lamps: reflex halogen lamps, compact halogen lamps, halogen lamps of classical shape, halogen lamps with parabolic reflector, low-voltage halogen lamps with pin base, halogen lamps with dichroic reflector, double halogen lamps etc. In addition, the company has an assortment of compact fluorescent non-integrated lamps and compact fluorescent integrated lamps for narrow professional use, for private use and for standard use. Osram's production covers the whole range of lamps.

   The scope of application of the company:

   •   Street lighting
   •   Office and industrial lighting
   •   Professional lighting
   •   Commercial lighting
   •   Household and consumer lighting
   •   Specialized lighting

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