Reel Tech is a South Korean company, manufacturer of lifting devices for installation at high altitude in hard-to-reach places, which allows to service chandeliers, fixtures without special lifting equipment. The company emphasizes attention on the ease of management through the controller remote with an individual code that can automatically control the ascent and descent of several hundred lighting devices.

  The range of lifting equipment includes modifications for descent of fixtures from a height of 10 to 30 meters and the mass of fixtures from 10 to 500 kg. Reel Tech company’s equipment is intended for the ascent and descent fixtures in the premises with a high ceilings - production halls, sports centers, hypermarkets, airports, halls, hotel lobbies, sport halls and etc.

  Among the advantages of Reel Tech lifts are security, saving time and money for lighting high ceilings. When using lifting devices, the costs for equipment and specialists are excluded.

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