Subways of the world: light as an element of architecture


A common worldwide system of linear lamps for lighting the edge of the platform acquired an unusual interpretation of the station Haselhorst in Berlin. Due to the inclined slits in the sides of the modular system of the lighting has made a bizarre pattern on the ceiling.

At the station, Paracelsus-Bad lamps are an integral part of the design. They emphasize the general plan of the architect: clear rectangular shape, the contrast of light and dark.


The city encourages art in all subway stations. Bizarre installation and the corresponding lighting system can be found at many stations.



More than fifty stations are decorated more than a hundred works of public art: an unusual sculptures, spectacular stained glass windows and stunning frescoes. Light as a material for the imagination of artists. The city encourages this tradition since 1967. Some of the stations in Montreal, are the works of contemporary art, and many reflect the spirit of the times in which they were built.

The lobby is decorated with interesting Viau station system using the game of natural light. The color of the walls and mosaic floor in the course of the day "float" patterns of light.


This station is one of the youngest in the world - it only opened in 1972. But such a riot of imagination, a subtle sense of style and color is not, perhaps, nowhere else in the world. Rather, it is a fantastic backdrop for a movie or fairy tale than usual station. One can only envy the people of the city, who every day can enjoy this beauty. The perfect combination of urban and classical trends in design. And perhaps nowhere in the world is no longer such a diversity in the solution of lighting systems.

The main design element Station Westfriedhof - great lighting. Inside they are painted in different colors: only three - red, blue, yellow, creating the illusion of "the colored" light. On rack mounted fixtures have two emitter. It should be noted that the rest of the decoration of the station consists only of pointers to the concrete walls. Thus, the unique design of the station is entirely in the original light.

At the station Am Hart again we see the interior, "is" solely by a competent and creative lighting. Linear fluorescent lamps in combination with a series of repetitive curved parts are "extended lamp with protective grating," which provides adequate lighting, good uniformity, good efficiency and elimination of glare.

A variety of lighting in the Munich subway is simply amazing. Here you can meet and complete the installation using light sources and lighting more exaggerated form, and various non-trivial arrangement of devices. It remains to admire and to express respect for the architects and designers, so skillfully uses light in this context.


Line M1 turned into "Il Metro dell'Arte". At six stations represented a large number of works of art found during the construction of the subway.

In the lobbies of stations Vanvitelli and Dante, we see the use of light as the original decoration.


Monorail and tram station, this area is striking in its creativity. The main "chip" is a new interpretation of the geometrical arrangement of the lighting equipment.

At the station we see Lohring sinuous lines of the linear lighting fixtures on the ceiling and glowing from within the platform. This is a unique and nothing on a similar spectacle. At the Rathaus (Süd) gives the effect of luminous walls due zakarniznoy blue backlight.

At "Äußere Kanalstraße" fixtures like surround large horizontal cylinder, which make up the ceiling station. There may occur glare, but the idea is definitely original.


Chinese President Hu Jintao said that the subway in Shanghai will be the biggest "moving" exhibition in the world. And looking at these, his pictures can not believe it.


Subway in Tashkent, according to one of the most beautiful in the former Soviet Union, built in 1977. Leading architects and artists from Uzbekistan took part in the creation of unique plants. At the light in Tashkent did not stint for sure. The ceiling of the station is literally strewn with lights in Navoi. It creates a sense of the church with the vault pouring down the "divine" light.


At each station in Toulouse are works of modern art. The station occupies a large space Carmes installation of an artificial sky, concurrently serving as functional lighting.

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